New to copywriting? Here are some tips.

For all of you who are new to copywriting, here are some small things that make a whole lot of difference. While you might already be reading a lot about how to write good copy, I'll present you with things you should always take care of.

Yeah, I'm talking about grammar and spell errors. You MUST be clear about your English basics. Trust me, this will help you not only in the various copy tests of your life, but will ensure that you are never embarrased by someone pointing out an error in something you wrote.

1 - Apostrophe & Plurals

I've noticed many copywriters not knowing when to use an apostrophe. Remember, plurals have to do nothing with an apostrophe.

So a plural of Cassette & CD is Cassettes & CDs. Avoid using "CD's". An apostrophe will be used when there's a sense of belonging.

Likewise for its and it's. Its is a pronoun whereas It's is a short form of It has and It is.
E.g. of its: The book is lovely. I like its cover.
E.g. of it's: The book is lovely. It's a bestseller.

Will write more about such tips. If you feel like adding to the above examples, please feel free to do so.

Long time no print ads

It's been over a year I shifted from mainstream advertising. I'm enjoying my time doing writing for SEM. Yet, in some corner of my heart, there's something missing - the print ads / hoardings that have no links for viewing more info like the ones in websites.

Reminds me of the days when we used to create ads and upload them on

Here are a few of the ads that I made with my friend Gayatri: