BMM Course at Bhavan's College, Andheri

My neighbour just visited me to thank me and tell me how happy she was about joining the BMM course at Bhavan's, the same college where I studied for five years. She was really happy and bubbling with excitement. You should have seen the glow on her face as she explained the kind of projects the course includes.

She finds the BMM course so interesting that she couldn't stop praising it. Wish this course existed during my college years. Nevertheless, if you are planning to pursue a degree course in communication or mass media, consider this option. It's a three-year course, and you can choose Advertising or Journalism specialisation in the final year. The Bhavan's college faculty seems to be really good [like it always had been] as is the Bhavan's college campus that I really am in love with.

Chocolate Man Ad - Yummy

Amazing idea. Love the way they started the campaign with a print ad about how women find chocolates irrestible.

Underestimated as a copywriter?

Sometimes you might feel underestimated as a copywriter. Consider the person who makes you feel so. If you think he is himself brilliant at his work, chances are he can sense your better hidden potential and just wants you to improve. If the 'gyaan giver' himself has created mediocre work, simply ignore / prove your mettle and move on. Last, but not the least, as long as you believe in your skills, don't care much about those who always love to show others down. Never underestimate yourself and soon no one will underestimate you.

P.S. Writer's block happens and fades away. Keep browsing interesting work and just move on.

An idea called Focus!

Those were the days at Focus! Came across this super huge poster we created to display across all our offices. It was a secret project created by me and Gayatri. And of course, inputs and cool captions were given by all those who discovered the secret before it went in print.

It would not have looked this stunning without Shashi - our genius caricature artist. Special credits: Mrinal, Yogesh and Ravi.

Superman Retires

Superman took one wrong decision in his life. He retired from his Supermangiri and shifted to advertising believing that his long jumps, high jumps and takeoffs are highly creative. Hardly a week and his ‘passion’ started fading away. After all, he was bombarded with briefs, briefs and more briefs. So much so, that his all-time famous red brief lost its identity. And there was only one type of blue he could associate himself with, not the blue figure-hugging outfit of his, but the Monday blues that soon created Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday blues. The Sunday, which he thought will now be a day off for the supersaver Superman just became his day off from watching b@#$ films, his earlier Sunday routine. Why? Well which creative mind is left with any stamina to do anything on a day off? One needs to catch up with the long lost sleep of the week.

Nevertheless, he continued dragging himself to work thinking maybe one day the stars would be in his favour. But no, the workplace was nothing better than the red sun under the influence of which his powers would always diminish. He started losing hope, unfortunately there was nothing he could do, he had already ‘gifted’ his red cape to the creative director… alright bribe is the word. The saviour of all was crying for help… help in an ad agency… sure he had lost his senses.

He thought and thought and super-thought. Then one fine day someone told him that perhaps the creative director is not straight (actually on one of the bad days, Superman had refused to incorporate the ninth set of changes in a compendium and had left the client servicing guy waiting to avenge). Superman then thought that perhaps being gay would work wonders. He opened up his mind and tried ‘creativity’, read romancing with the boss. The creative director simply screamed his lungs out at the slightest hint of seduction and then there was a wind of change. Capeless, jobless, hopeless Superman had to quit advertising.

Well, it’s not that disheartening. We hear there’s a sudden rise in the sales of certain films, red capes and ‘briefs’. Is Superman returning? Well you will know soon.

P.S. Found this little story I wrote during the release of Superman Returns.

Goa Ad Fest 2008

The ads for the promotion of Goa Ad Fest this year are brilliant - simplistic, funny and effective. I watched them all today and had a strong urge to be there. Alas, I am back here watching the ads and missing my sweetheart out there. I hope he enjoys a lot at his much deserved break.

Bar Camp / Blog Camp - Mumbai

Always wanted to attend the , always missed. Finally I'm making it tomorrow. I'm sure it's gonna be really interesting!

If you wish to be a part of it:
Date: 29th March 2008
Time: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Bar Camp Venue: IIT Mumbai School of Management (SOM), Mumbai, Powai, Mumbai - 400076

New to copywriting? Here are some tips.

For all of you who are new to copywriting, here are some small things that make a whole lot of difference. While you might already be reading a lot about how to write good copy, I'll present you with things you should always take care of.

Yeah, I'm talking about grammar and spell errors. You MUST be clear about your English basics. Trust me, this will help you not only in the various copy tests of your life, but will ensure that you are never embarrased by someone pointing out an error in something you wrote.

1 - Apostrophe & Plurals

I've noticed many copywriters not knowing when to use an apostrophe. Remember, plurals have to do nothing with an apostrophe.

So a plural of Cassette & CD is Cassettes & CDs. Avoid using "CD's". An apostrophe will be used when there's a sense of belonging.

Likewise for its and it's. Its is a pronoun whereas It's is a short form of It has and It is.
E.g. of its: The book is lovely. I like its cover.
E.g. of it's: The book is lovely. It's a bestseller.

Will write more about such tips. If you feel like adding to the above examples, please feel free to do so.

Long time no print ads

It's been over a year I shifted from mainstream advertising. I'm enjoying my time doing writing for SEM. Yet, in some corner of my heart, there's something missing - the print ads / hoardings that have no links for viewing more info like the ones in websites.

Reminds me of the days when we used to create ads and upload them on

Here are a few of the ads that I made with my friend Gayatri: