What's wrong with clients?

A bikini clad girl emerging from the sea and it's an ad for some cement brand! This one beats the weird ads aired these days. Somehow there's no connect between what's being shown in the ad and the brand. I am sure agencies aren't responsible for such things and it must be the client's brain overworking and over-interfering as usual. But then when I happen to watch these ads while with family / friends, they give me this look 'What are you ad people doing these days?'. As if each one of us in advertising is responsible for every pathetic ad published. God, bless us. Let the clients believe in the expertise of ad guys and save us from watching and getting blamed for stupid ads.

Most commonly used English words in daily lingo

I believe words were created so that people could communicate comfortably. But God only knows when we evolved to use English words to add 'style' / personal touch to our daily lingo. Unknowingly, many of us have picked up this habit of starting / ending our sentences with a couple of English words.  How often have you come across these kinds:

Girl 1: Arre, he's so cute you know. He actually picked up the books I dropped. I was so happy yaar you know. And then he smiled... you know... smiled at me... wow!!!

Girl 2: Arre, he's so cute... like so cute yaar!!! He actually picked up the books I dropped... like... I was so happy. And then he smiled... like... smiled at me... I felt like wow!!!

Girl 3: So... he's actually very cute. So that day he actually picked up the books I dropped. I was so happy man. Then he smiled... so ya that's it... wow!!!

Girl 4: I mean... he's so cute. He actually picked up the books I dropped. I mean... I was so happy yaar. And then he smiled... I mean... smiled at me... wow!!!

So... let me tell you this lingo is so addictive, I mean, you know...like really addictive!