What kind of English is this?

I resisted sharing this decently popular site (Google page rank 3) the first time I read an article about Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. But then I came across an article on Paa and couldn't stop myself. If you need tips on how not to write:
Excerpt  1: If this happens, SRK will be seen contradictory Bebo succeeding to a rupture of ten years, in view of the fact with the purpose of they did Asoka in somebody’s companionship. It’s no news with the intention of Kareena can increasingly say no to Shahrukh, whether it’s doing an item song like ‘Marjaani’ for Billu Barber or being ingredient of his worldwide tour, she is ready. However, reports convey with the intention of King Khan has not signed anyone and the thinking process about the casting of the film is on.
Excerpt 2: It’s almost immediately departure to be authoritatively renowned as the simply movie in the world feature the father-son duo reverse their real-life roles designed for the screen.

If the writer of the above articles feels that I should have spoken to him / her first, I am afraid there was no contact info available on the site. 

PS I've removed the links now.

Past tense of telecast

I have seen writers using an incorrect past tense for 'telecast'. Thought I would rather clear the doubt online.
The past tense of telecast is telecast.
Telecasted is INCORRECT
Same logic applies to broadcast.

Birla Sun Life Insurance and BIGFlix Ads on copywriting blog

Are you surprised to see Birla Sun Life Insurance and BIGFlix ads often on this copywriting blog? So am I.

Well, I am quite conversant with both Google Adsense and AdWords. Precisely the reason I fail to understand why do I get Birla Sun Life Insurance and BIGFlix banner advertisements on this blog. Perhaps, Google is considering my blog ID and displaying the BIGFlix ads since I have a couple of movie blogs. But that should not be the case, right? Hope the advertisers are not on PPM model.

Found something weird with Google today?

Well, Google has officially launched the new fade-in home page version. So when you go to Google, you will just see the Google logo, the search box and the submit buttons (Google search and I'm Feeling Lucky).

Only when you move the mouse, you'll see the rest of the links. I love it!