What kind of English is this?

I resisted sharing this decently popular site (Google page rank 3) the first time I read an article about Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. But then I came across an article on Paa and couldn't stop myself. If you need tips on how not to write:
Excerpt  1: If this happens, SRK will be seen contradictory Bebo succeeding to a rupture of ten years, in view of the fact with the purpose of they did Asoka in somebody’s companionship. It’s no news with the intention of Kareena can increasingly say no to Shahrukh, whether it’s doing an item song like ‘Marjaani’ for Billu Barber or being ingredient of his worldwide tour, she is ready. However, reports convey with the intention of King Khan has not signed anyone and the thinking process about the casting of the film is on.
Excerpt 2: It’s almost immediately departure to be authoritatively renowned as the simply movie in the world feature the father-son duo reverse their real-life roles designed for the screen.

If the writer of the above articles feels that I should have spoken to him / her first, I am afraid there was no contact info available on the site. 

PS I've removed the links now.

Past tense of telecast

I have seen writers using an incorrect past tense for 'telecast'. Thought I would rather clear the doubt online.
The past tense of telecast is telecast.
Telecasted is INCORRECT
Same logic applies to broadcast.

Birla Sun Life Insurance and BIGFlix Ads on copywriting blog

Are you surprised to see Birla Sun Life Insurance and BIGFlix ads often on this copywriting blog? So am I.

Well, I am quite conversant with both Google Adsense and AdWords. Precisely the reason I fail to understand why do I get Birla Sun Life Insurance and BIGFlix banner advertisements on this blog. Perhaps, Google is considering my blog ID and displaying the BIGFlix ads since I have a couple of movie blogs. But that should not be the case, right? Hope the advertisers are not on PPM model.

Found something weird with Google today?

Well, Google has officially launched the new fade-in home page version. So when you go to Google, you will just see the Google logo, the search box and the submit buttons (Google search and I'm Feeling Lucky).

Only when you move the mouse, you'll see the rest of the links. I love it!

Google Ad-Words - Funny Ad Placement

Here's a funny ad placement. Basically a CAT 2009 ad appeared on a funny video on cats! I hope the Minglebox guys know where they are putting their money. The ad appeared on this link.

Too much digging

I have been very active on digg.com all these while. No wonder, I really thought the spelling of dig was wrong in the phrase "dig some information"!
Damn DIGGing ;)

Fiancé Fiancée - Who’s Male, Who’s Female

It’s very simple, yet many writers tend to make the mistake of using fiancé-fiancée inappropriately. Get it right guys - Fiancé is a male, fiancée is a female.

He will marry his fiancé.
She will marry her fiancée.

He will marry his fiancée.
She will marry her fiancé.

80s Or 80’s Or ‘80s For Eighties – Using Apostrophe

I have been seeing incorrect uses of the apostrophe when one uses incomplete numerals for decades. Just a tip for those who aren't sure about this:
Where do I use an apostrophe (’) when I want to talk about decades using incomplete numerals?

When you want to say “Clothes worn in the eighties”, but want to use numerals, this is how it should be:

Clothes worn in the '80s

Clothes worn in the 80's
Clothes worn in the 80s

In this example, the apostrophe is used as a contraction i.e. it replaces something that was removed from its place. Basically, the apostrophe replaces "19" in "1980".

Funny Google suggestions on search query ‘why do’

I fell in love with Google Suggest the moment I discovered it. Little did I know that I would find Google Suggest not just informative but interesting and funny as well. The kind of search terms people type in Google can get really hilarious.

Here is a compilation of interesting “why do…” Google search suggestions when people want information on people belonging to different nationalities.

My favorite picks are listed below. Do let me know which ones amuse you.

  • Why do Americans speak English
  • Why do Asians look the same
  • Why do Australians say mate
  • Why do British people say zed
  • Why do Canadians say eh
  • Why do Chinese men eat more rice than Japanese men
  • Why do Europeans work so little
  • Why do French women not get fat
  • Why do Italians talk with their hands
  • Why do Japanese live so long
  • Why do Kenyans run so fast
  • Why do Koreans have good skin

    Google’s really making the search engine experience interesting, right?
    Click here to find out what Google Suggest is all about.

Seesmic Desktop has almost 2 million downloads

Seesmic is a cool initiative that allows you to follow your friends on Twitter and Facebook at one place. You can easily share links and thoughts at the same time on Twitter and Facebook, follow/unfollow friends, see their updates... But then who am I to give you all the gyaan! Watch the video from Seesmic to know it all!

Most Dangerous Web Search Terms Include Screensavers

McAfee Identifies the Most Dangerous Web Search Terms

"...As defined by McAfee, the riskiest set of keyword variations was ‘screensavers’ with a maximum risk of 59.1 percent. Nearly six out of the top 10 search results for ‘screensavers’ contain malware. One of the single riskiest search terms in the world is ‘lyrics’, with a maximum risk factor of one in two. Surprisingly, searches using the word ‘Viagra’, a popular keyword that is also common in spam e-mail messages, yielded the fewest risky sites. Searches with the safest risk profile included health-related terms and searches about the current economic crisis..."
Read more here.

Courtesy: networkcomputing.in

What is Wonder Wheel in Google?

Google has introduced a new set of tools that enables us to get deeper into the results. One of these is Wonder Wheel.

Where is the Wonder Wheel link?

Type just anything in the search box. As soon as the results page opens, right below the search box on the top left hand side there's a link called Show Options.

Click on this link and a list opens on the left side. You’ll find Wonder Wheel there.
Click on it to see the magic!

Wonder Wheel enables us to explore topics in a unique graphical way. We can explore topics by clicking on related searches that go deeper into the subject of the main query. It's so much fun to explore so much!

Amazing? Check it out here.

myPOPKORN Creative Awards - TVC, Print Ads, Radio Spots

myPOPKORN, India’s leading video-driven entertainment portal, has announced the launch of myPOPKORN Creative Awards.
How to participate in myPOPKORN Creative Awards:
Participants can upload multiple entries across TVC, Print Ad & Radio Spot categories for the following brands:

Virgin Mobile
Singapore Tourism Board

Last date to send entries: May 5, 2009
Judges: Bharat Dabholkar, Bobby Pawar, Punit Goenka and Vikram Bhatt

Click here for the myPOPKORN Creative Awards brief and more details.