Underestimated as a copywriter?

Sometimes you might feel underestimated as a copywriter. Consider the person who makes you feel so. If you think he is himself brilliant at his work, chances are he can sense your better hidden potential and just wants you to improve. If the 'gyaan giver' himself has created mediocre work, simply ignore / prove your mettle and move on. Last, but not the least, as long as you believe in your skills, don't care much about those who always love to show others down. Never underestimate yourself and soon no one will underestimate you.

P.S. Writer's block happens and fades away. Keep browsing interesting work and just move on.


TechSlam said...

done with your review.
chek out

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CyZfus On Skis said...

This is very good advice. It's a balanced approach. Being a listener at the right times is advantageous, because one gets the opportunity to widen the scope of one's approach to a task. At the same time, being alert to not collect unrequired baggage is the right thing to do. Ultimately, there can only be constructive discussion between two parties that helps to do a job better. There isn't an iron-clad prescription that can be given or taken... do keep spreading such sanity!

annucool15 said...

Thank you Bala :] Can't view your blog.