BMM Course at Bhavan's College, Andheri

My neighbour just visited me to thank me and tell me how happy she was about joining the BMM course at Bhavan's, the same college where I studied for five years. She was really happy and bubbling with excitement. You should have seen the glow on her face as she explained the kind of projects the course includes.

She finds the BMM course so interesting that she couldn't stop praising it. Wish this course existed during my college years. Nevertheless, if you are planning to pursue a degree course in communication or mass media, consider this option. It's a three-year course, and you can choose Advertising or Journalism specialisation in the final year. The Bhavan's college faculty seems to be really good [like it always had been] as is the Bhavan's college campus that I really am in love with.

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Mrinal Pentapalli said...

I was in the first batch of BMM. Hope so it has evolved from what i did.