Funny Google suggestions on search query ‘why do’

I fell in love with Google Suggest the moment I discovered it. Little did I know that I would find Google Suggest not just informative but interesting and funny as well. The kind of search terms people type in Google can get really hilarious.

Here is a compilation of interesting “why do…” Google search suggestions when people want information on people belonging to different nationalities.

My favorite picks are listed below. Do let me know which ones amuse you.

  • Why do Americans speak English
  • Why do Asians look the same
  • Why do Australians say mate
  • Why do British people say zed
  • Why do Canadians say eh
  • Why do Chinese men eat more rice than Japanese men
  • Why do Europeans work so little
  • Why do French women not get fat
  • Why do Italians talk with their hands
  • Why do Japanese live so long
  • Why do Kenyans run so fast
  • Why do Koreans have good skin

    Google’s really making the search engine experience interesting, right?
    Click here to find out what Google Suggest is all about.


TechSlam said...

wow..i really liked this post... Its indeed a funny thing from the Google..though very useful sometimes....

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really interesting and extremely humorous. Thumbs up to the blogger!

annucool15 said...

thanks TechSlam and mr anonymous

Vijeeth shetty said...

I just love this effort of yours. Superb idea of capturing all those search queries

annucool15 said...

thanks vijeeth!

Enelle said...

Well, you have taught me something today! I have never typed the phrase "Why do" into Google search, but after posting this comment, I think I'll try it out!
Thumbs up for an interesting post!
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